Inspiration and creation

Imagination gives life to curiosity and mystery, transpiring an ultimate creation! Living by this principal, Imagination Light and Décor has been creating unique lighting solutions since 1968. Four decades in family business, the company utilizes age-old art of glass blowing and brass carvings to convert the most intricate drawings into timeless masterpieces of light. We have a culture and style of lighting that is traditional yet modern, domestic yet international, detailed yet sophisticated. Our vast collection of light fittings include traditional chandeliers, heritage table lamps, elegant floor lamps, wall sconces, decorative ceiling lights & exterior lanterns.

Tradition and Modernity

Drawing from myriad influences and eras – fourth century Roman glass, intricate carvings of palace cornices, traditional motifs – each lighting piece imbibes the spirit and beauty of its inspiration with a quality that is unmatched. We carry forward the tradition of glass crafting and combine it with blurring boundaries of modern shapes to set new trends in lighting. This has been possible only because we have been true to the craft of lighting and hand down techniques through four decades of history of the founder’s family. The ideas, solutions, innovations and original projects have allowed us to become connoisseurs of the modern day lighting industry in India.