Each creation is a ‘Bespoke Masterpiece’.
It is an outcome of our unique approach that imbibes our three principles within it.


Be it an antique fixture or an elegant table lamp, each of our designs bring out a deep understanding of basic concepts and its rendition into work of art. Our designers take utmost care to capture the essence of a piece and how it adorns a space.


As one of the oldest glass molding units and house of master artisans of the trade, we are committed in delivering unsurpassable quality. We utilize finest materials, use time-tested techniques and endlessly test each aspect of the fixture before it leaves our factory.


The fact that our clients have been with us for decades, shows a deep-rooted trust and partnership in our work. From design to implementation of any lightning solution, we work as collaborators with designers and architects. Every project exudes a group effort and not us.